Nograles Law is a law firm primarily engaged in the practice of Labor Law.  Founded in 1991, Nograles Law is headed by George C. Nograles, who has 40 years of practice in the field of Labor. Nograles Law pays heed to the Dutch proverb that prevention is better than cure, and by this mantra, has earned the patronage of clients who have avoided law suits through the Firm’s close guidance and counsel.

Considering however the increasing complexity of the law and the nuances  of its application, discord, in the form of litigation, becomes inevitable. In this event, Nograles Law draws a clear road map to lead its client concerned out of the woods, either to a peaceable resolution of the conflict at the outset, or a successful and favorable adjudication by the courts of the issue(s).  On this, our Firm is enabled by its dynamic team of lawyers from top law schools, seasoned by years of experience in and constant exposure to a universe of labor situations and challenges presented to it  day after day, through its three decades of practice in Labor.


As the great physicist, Albert Einstein once said, “the only source of knowledge is experience.” Experience is what Nograles Law enjoys in its favor, having earned 27 years of practice in the field of Labor.

Nograles Law has always valued the importance of hard and smart work coupled with consistency.  The Firm makes it a point to work diligently as a team to deliver positive outcomes for each and every case.

For every case or matter referred to us, we work as a team and pool our heads together to deliver positive outcomes for our clients.



Solutions That Work

Apart from working on active cases, we counsel clients who seek our opinion on crucial and sensitive decisions concerning employment matters. We are committed to our clients, and we always come up with solutions that are practical, viable and cost-effective.

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